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Diving Spots about 6 kilometers southwest of Panglao Island is located a haven for divers, the internationally-recognized Balicasag Island. Near Panglao is another dive site, Pamilacan Island, which is a nesting place for manta rays. The water around Pamilacan is where playful dolphins, and occasionally whales, can be spotted on early mornings.

Things to Do in Panglao

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Dolphin watching ...

Sunset ...

Dining ...

Touring - Island hopping

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The Smallest Monkey in the world

Virgin Island is a hidden oasis in Panglao, Bohol.  It's a paradise . . .

By boat, docking at the Virgin Island, a sand bar few kilometers off the shores of Panglao.

Explore & have a delightful lunch picnic at the Virgin Island.

 Chocolate Hills

 Floating Restaurants

 Busay Falls

Tucked-away deep inside the barrios of Malilipot, Albay is Busay Falls, a favorite gathering place for the locals, especially during the hot summer months (March - June).  The water plunges approximately 91 meters from its highest point, and the last 40m cascade is visible from the clear shallow pool at the bottom.


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